Thursday, May 20, 2004

Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 911

A nice article by Jackie Ashley on Michael Moore in the Guardian today; she sums him up pretty well. Over the last year or two I've kind of blown hot and cold on what he does - like Mark Thomas he does that self-satisfied thing a bit too much and I find it irritating - but Ashley points out that he's as self-aggrandising as he is because he wants to be as much of a nuisance as he can possibly be. He wants to hog the limelight and shout about what he believes, and to do that you have to be populist, brash and confident. And god knows it's hard getting across a liberal perspective in the States.

"But now America has Michael Moore. He's huge. Huge personally - a great big hairy doughball of a man. He's huge commercially. He's huge on the web. And he's huge in the scale of his ambition - he is determined to bring down George Bush"

Having read some reviews, I really wanna see Fahrenheit 911!

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