Friday, February 26, 2010

notice of future changes

Right, so I have started, very tentatively, exploring the possibility of - and preparing for - the big shift from Blogger to Wordpress. That means a change of URL, a change of look, and the mothballing of this side of the site. Terrible idea? Possibly. I've not decided definitely, but think I'm going to do it.

Any endorsements, objections, suggestions, encouragment much appreciated. Am I doing the right thing?


Skuds said...

Why the move?

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Wordpress and moved to it myself a long time ago (hosted - not Just wondering what is behind the thinking.

wendy house said...

Uaing wordpress works well for me, its flexible, regularly updated and extended with new functionality and free. There's also a paid-for version if the free version isn't good enough.

I don't know what research you've done about moving your blog. If you are leaving your history in Bogger? I have a .sql server that stores all my blog posts, comments, tags and categories. If I move I can literally relocate my whole blog - which is nice - it was one of the reasons I shifted in 2006 from MSN Spaces to Wordpress. MSN Spaces provided no sensible way to export my history, I had a nightmare doing it using the RSS feed. The pre 2006 posts on my current blog still look a bit hashed.

My wordpress version is hosted on my server, not the wordpress hosted version, I'm not sure what that's like...

dave said...

Self-hosted Wordpress rules if buying a domain name and a hosting package are a worthy investment to you. It gives you complete control of installing templates and all sorts of plug-ins that you can hack like crazy- or just leave as is.

However, if you go this route then you need to make sure you ready to wield some technical chops.

Otherwise, I am not sure whether the Wordpress hosted site is any better than blogger.

Claire said...

It's pretty easy to export a history to - it's in their help. I too am curious as to what prompted move. I use both - wordpress suits me more, but blogger works well for simple posts it seems. Perhaps I'm wrong/BIAS.

Jonathan said...

Thanks all for your comments; I've been playing around with Wordpress a bit and getting the hang of it a bit now, I think.

The reasons behind the move? Um. Well, just curiosity and restlessness for the most part. I've played with a few wordpress blogs recently and acquired some hosting space for the provision of MP3s, so the idea has just gradually taken root.

For a while it appealed because I was considering a significant revamp, with lots of category pages, multimedia and suchlike, but I realised that I like the linear basis of my blog and the way it flits from topic to topic, so dismissed the idea after a while.

It only returned to mind when I started feeling a bit bored of the layout of this site, which has hardly changed visually in years. And then I just thought, if I'm going to re-design, maybe I should do it in WP.

So that's it, really - a slight sense of ennui with the way this place looks, curiosity about WP and the ability to add a few things I can't really do here.

And I thought it might be fun. I can't imagine anyone out there is particularly attached to this version of the site!?

Anonymous said...

I love this version of the website. And if you change it I will never talk to you again. And certainly won't stand for nay more of this hugging malarkey you seem so fond of.

Jonathan said...

Don't say that Morgan!