Monday, February 22, 2010

field music at resident records

For my money, Sunderland's amazing Field Music remain the best band in Britain at the moment. I can't think of a better LP released in the 2000s than their 'Tones of Town' (closest competitors; PJ Harvey's 'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea', Gorillaz' 'Demon Days') and their new record, 'Measure', is terrific too. The other day I wrote a preview for a local show over at the Bored of Brighton blog, where I described them thus:

Their sound is intensely musical; gorgeous North Eastern harmonies, abrupt tempo-changes and unusual time signatures, with orchestration which varies from lush and pastoral to aggressive and loose.
Not at all surprisingly, their set - they played an instore at Brighton's Resident Records - was every bit as brilliant as I thought it would be. I didn't exactly have the best position in the world, for the shop was crowded, but the following video does I hope do justice to their wonderful sound, if not their stage presence.

Here's the entire set in mp3 form. Hope no-one minds me posting these.

Field Music
live at Resident Records, Brighton
Friday 19th February, 2010
(right click and 'save target as' to download)

1. Measure
2. Them That Do Nothing
3. Pieces
4. Rockist
5. Clear Water
6. Tones of Town
7. If Only The Moon Were Up
8. Effortlessly
9. Tell Me Keep Me

If anyone from Resident, or anyone associated with Field Music, minds me sharing this, let me know.

[edited for geographical accuracy; see comments]


Dan said...

Did you film the 'thief' in action?

Jonathan said...

No, sadly not, although he's visible in the film. If anyone from Resident is reading this and would like to know which of your 'customers' was pocketing CDs throughout the show, drop me a line - can give you a pretty accurate description.

Anonymous said...


Ben said...

Haven't got the album yet, and having seen them but not Errors, I plumped for the latter when both are in Oxford next Tuesday. Sod's law that there's been a real drought of good gigs since Christmas and then two fall on the same bloody night...

Anonymous said...

they're mackems, not geordies, less they should take offence.

Jonathan said...

Good lord, thanks for putting me straight - fixed, and before I earned their wrath, all being well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this - just found it. Great band, great set. Beth x