Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my nineties

Was I alive in the early 1990s? I'm sure I was, but I'm watching one of those TV shows about the decade, and a bit mystified at how out of step I apparently was. The show is 'Electric Dreams', where a family are stripped of their modern technology and then given the appropriate tools for each decade, getting the technology of a new year for each new day.

So far, we're up to something like 1994, and my record so far is pretty poor. We've been introudced to:

Sonic The Hedgehog (I've never played Sonic The Hedgehog)
Super Mario (I've never played Super Mario)
Nintendo Gameboys (I never had a Nintendo Gameboy)
Satellite TV (I never had satellite TV)
Pagers (I never had a pager)
Mortal Combat (I've never played Mortal Combat)

My nineties were very different indeed - can't see this program getting much more accurate for my experience. I didn't use the internet until 1996, or have a mobile until 1999. Oh dear.


DrBlur said...

I wasn't on the internet until 1995/96 as well and I think I'm about your age (I'll be 30 in 2 months) but I remember all of those things and had some (Mario, Sonic, Game Boy, Mortal Kombat, Dad had a pager, in-laws had/have satellite TV, etc)

What show is this?

Milly said...

No Sonic or Gameboy?? Deprived youth! Pagers were rubbish anyway.

Claire said...

Clearly you were too old in the 90s. My friend had sonic the hedgehog, and I didn't have video games, but I liked playing at his house and Dr Robotnik scared me. I have it on PS2 (somewhere cluttering my parents' house) now and I can't help but feel whilst it's fun for five minutes it's one of those things that should stay in the 90s.