Thursday, December 03, 2009

ellie goulding, roscoe (midlake cover)

With the best will in the world, regardless of the fact that her stuff is pretty good, I'd kind of written Ellie Goulding off as superfluous; the kind of pop star we'd need if we didn't already have Bat For Lashes, and who is targeting a position in an intolerably crowded market. Well - that might well still be what I think. But I got a real surprise when I heard this, on Siobhan's recommendation - here's Ellie tackling, with very fine voice indeed, Midlake's wonderful 'Roscoe'. Vid courtesy of Dan.


Dan said...

It's a good cover but I'm trying to make up my mind if I like it because I love the song and enjoy another take on it.

Still I enjoyed it just the same.

Here's Peter Broderick's version of Roscoe

I like this more..

Siobhan said...

I do come up with some useful things from my sickbed!