Sunday, November 22, 2009

not tempted by avatar

Over on, they're compiling evidence which points to the distinct possibility that James Cameron's 'Avatar' - which promises to be a revolution in film-making technology - will turn out to be a a big, queasy, sugary, 3D nightmare. Along with a few damning facts about the film, they provide a very early review from an industry insider, whose comments are wonderfully frank, culimating in the quite magnificent line, "Of course there are very beautiful moments, with great editing/sound/art direction, but overall it's a horrible piece of shit."

I had a ticket to see a preview taster of this film a couple of months back but something seemed wrong about it even then. Would be nice to be proved wrong, but I think this film is going to be really really bad.

Here's the Gawker case for the prosecution.


Sam G said...

Unfortunately all the signs point to him being exactly right. Just one look at the family-friendly somehow-already-familiar blue creatures makes me think of Jah-Jah Binks.

Jonathan said...

Yup - the whole thing really has the whiff of the Phantom Menace, doesn't it. Horrible.