Wednesday, June 17, 2009

more naive kids on the train

This morning, sat on the train, I’m joined by three young men who start an earnest discussion around me. It’s about moving to Brighton now that they’ve finished their sixth form.

“Seriously”, one says, “let’s do it. Imagine. Even if we were only there for the summer. We could easily afford it if we shared”.

“Do you think?”, another replies. “Brighton is WELL expensive”.

“It’d be amazing though”, the third chips in. “I’m totally up for it. If we can afford it”.

“Rent will be NO PROBLEM”, the first insists. “Credit crunch, isn’t it! All the rents have gone down MASSES”.

The others lean forward. “Seriously?”, they chime in?

He nods confidently.

I leave them to their planning.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the one thing that Brighton is famous for... the rent is cheap as chips here!

Ali said...

They weren't far wrong.

£360 per month for a room in Chateau Compton and that held for about 6 years! I'm looking at £330 a week in the big smoke :(

spleenal said...

there is a cheap way.
rent a student gaff they're really crappy but all you got to do is agree with landlord that you'll be out when the students come back.

I did it it was great