Wednesday, November 05, 2008

fireworks for obama

Whose idea was it to schedule Bonfire Night the day after the American election? Really bad timing; I think after staying up ‘til five o’clock last night any participation in the festivities tonight would be bordering on suicidal. Ordinarily I watch the fireworks at Hove Cricket Ground, which are always reliably ace, and do so from the considerable comfort of Dave and Eleanor’s balcony, but this year the option is nixed as Dave has rather inconsiderately moved out and I keep meaning and failing to catch up with the elusive Eleanor. I did weigh up the thought of watching it on the cold grass inside the stadium, but after last night’s excess and excitement, that appeals rather less. So tonight the emphasis is on warmth and an early night, possibly with a few fireworks glimpsed through the skylight.

The election, of course, was wonderful. Dan, Sam and myself convened on Ant’s new flat for a delicious Roast dinner and wiled away the pre-election hours by listening to Throbbing Gristle and watching the telly on mute. Adverts, in particular, were a delight; no matter how bucolic or serene it may otherwise be, no advert can survive a soundtrack of the Gristle’s ‘His Arm Was Her Leg’ without being rendered impossibly sinister.

That done, we dashed over to the Shakespeare’s Head for a few drinks before retreating to the flat to watch Obama romp home. Of course, it took a bloody age, and we ran so completely out of alcohol that we were driven to contact Brighton's own Booze Brothers (men who deliver alcohol to drunks in the middle of the night) who, sadly, were otherwise engaged, leading Sam to make the desperate decision to race back to Compton Avenue to get some more wine. By about half four or so it was unarguably clear that Obama had won, and we watched with glee as the last States fell. It was a genuinely amazing, delightful thing to witness and watching I felt privileged, as if I were an actor in the drama unfolding, simply by virtue of being able to look on and cheer. Hurrah for Obama.

Have a lovely Bonfire night.


marta said...

hahaha you're right. I like this weather because I don't have to guess and I'm getting used to the weight of the umbrella on my handbag. Maybe I should decide a name for it.

Did you enjoy the fireworks of the 5th? I couldn't I was working ...maybe next year!



Anonymous said...

You missed a good spectacular at Hove this year! Hope you had a good night though.

marta said...

I do hate the noise of the fireworks but they look really nice above the sky, aren't they? In Spain we also have a fireworks night (23rd of June)but I think that the meaning is completely different! you celebrate it to demonstrate your agreement with the king or to commemorate Guy Fawkes?

Nat XXX said...


Just wanted to say happy birthday (and one month and one day- oops!). I didn´t read your blog for ages, but it´s as interesting as fun as ever :)

If I had been at your burfday you know I would have given you the best birdie pressie too no? (even if t was just an old RSPB leafet) jiji

Hugs little John,


Angie said...

Thanks for the comment! So interesting to get a Brit's perspective. Love your blog.

marta said...

It's grate to learn British history! There is a China Town in USA and also a Soho, isn't it?


marta said...

I'm from Barcelona! hahaha but I think that we don't have Chinatown...only a Muslim town but without name. I want to found a town for Spanish people! Could be a nice idea, no?