Sunday, August 24, 2008

steve malkmus in brighton

Just saw Steve Malkmus at the Komedia. Wow.

Amazing gig, as expected. His playing is electrifying, and his band terrific; Janet Weiss drums about as well as Steve plays guitar, and the interplay between them was a joy. The music was astounding, obviously - ridiculously complex and ever changing, a big, sprawling combination of stoner rock, prog, indie-pop and English psychedelia. He played some super, silly new stuff, some stone-cold classics, and about 8,000 guitar solos. Then trashed his guitar. My ears are ringing. Yes.


ant said...

i was going to buy a ticket. i was going to buy a ticket. i was going to buy a ticket. then i didnt. damn it.

Milly said...

Ooh I may be going to see him in Notts this wednesday.. haven't bought tickets just yet though. Glad it was good!


jonathan said...

Ant - soz, should have reminded you!

Laura - make sure you get tickets; he was awesome. Did you like the last record? I know a few people found it a bit proggy but live it was incredible. And Malkmus was lovely - I wanted to rush on stage and cuddle him.

Milly said...

Hmm i hope it doesnt get sold out! Am having to buy one on the door later. I only just borrowed his latest record, quite like it from what i've heard, i know what you mean about the progginess (?) though!

Milly said...

Hmm VERY mixed reactions to last night's gig, a couple of my friends really enjoyed it but the others seemed to hate it! I felt he could've put more energy into the performance really, and i'm not that keen on the proggy songs, he's so good at writing pop tunes and these seemed a bit neglected last night! Still his first album's still my favourite so maybe i'm not the best to judge ;)