Wednesday, August 20, 2008

nice dinner

I don't normally blog about food, much less home-cooked fare, but tonight's dinner - compensation for last night's neighbour fiasco - was genuinely lovely; so here's a photo.

It consisted of portabello mushrooms stuffed with pesto, olives, parmesan, onion and garlic, cumberland sausage chipolatas, pink fir apple potatoes with a mint and parsley salsa, and green beans with basil butter. And best of all, there's enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

i'd kill for anything that looked that good and homely at the moment: i am so sick of eating a diet consisting solely of dishes with a tinned tomato base. did you know it's possible to make pasta sauces, stir fries and soups all with a cheap can of tomatoes? fact. i'm turning into a tomato! those sausages look so good, did i mention that you practically need to re-mortgage your home before you can afford meat here? oh deaaaaaaar, i'm getting far too worked up over a picture of a good meal.