Tuesday, August 21, 2007

smoking ban working?

This is interesting and, I guess, encouraging, even if you do feel that it's not the job of the government to tell people what they can and can't do.

Cigarette sales dropped nearly 7% last month after a smoking ban was introduced in England.

I was a supporter of the smoking ban, and have enjoyed going to the pub a great deal more since it was introduced. I think it's good news that it's driving sales down - now hardly anyone I know smokes. Compared to a few years ago, that's a big turn around.


Laura said...

That's good news- although I haven't noticed a difference amongst my friends. Annoyingly, a lot of them are still 'social' smokers, which means now that when they all leave to go outside and smoke I'm often left on my own- or else I have to go stand in the cold outside with them! Bah! (Rant over :D)

self help hypnosis said...

I am actually a non smoker now since I quit smoking a few years ago.I am in Australia and smoking anywhere people serve food is banned as is a lot of bars . All public buildings are smoke free and most businesses require their staff to smoke outside on their breaks. Some public beaches have even banned smoking!
Even though I am an ex smoker I strongly believe that while cigarettes are legal smokers should have rights too.
I do not allow smoking inside my home as is my right (I have a place set up in a sheltered area outside for smoking friends)but how long will it be before our rights vanish and laws are put through to make it illegal to do so in our homes if we want to?
That is what I find scary about laws like this.