Tuesday, August 07, 2007

end of the road

I have a ticket for this year's 'End Of The Road' festival, I'm pleased to say - three days in the countryside in mid September listening to a panoply of lovely bands. I only hope the weather is good. The full line up of bands is here. At a glance, there are several I'm really excited about seeing. If there's anyone on the list that you recommend, please let me know - nearer the time I'll do a myspace trawl of the bands I've not heard of, but if you've any tips then do leave a comment, as that way I'll have plenty of time to get excited.

Really excited about:
Yo La Tengo, Midlake, Scout Niblett, Robyn Hitchcock, Lambchop

Excited about:
British Sea Power, Brakes, Loney Dear, David Thomas Broughton, Broken Family Band, Misty's Big Adventure, The Twilight Sad

Interested in:
Joan As Policewoman, King Creosote, I'm From Barcelona, Darren Hayman, Port O'Brien

Good, good.


Laura said...

That does look fun! The website's pretty too. I went to a festival a few weeks ago called indietracks which was good as it was at a steam train site in derbyshire! Little festivals are best..

anneso said...

Im really excited about BSP. Come on, teir new album is on the way! And after their last gig Im expecting at least a broken arm :)

And Im really excited about the camping. Aaaah, can't wait!

Ben said...

Yo La Tengo Yo La Tengo Yo La Tengo... One of those bands who for ages I'd imagined I might like and then when I finally saw them live (last November) I was instantly in love with them.

From what I recall, the line-up has some overlap with Green Man in Brecon, which I'm going to the weekend after next. No Yo La Tengo, though, sadly.

Laura: There's a good write-up of the Indietracks festival (well, the Sunday at least) on the collaborative music site Jonathan and I set up.

Laura said...

Ah, cool. I was only there on the Saturday though unfortunately! It was the friendliest festival i've been to! I might go to the Christmas Twee one they do aswell. Although there comes a point when you wish there were other sorts of bands playing aside from Twee ones! And some of the people's outfits were quite funny. We had a game of spotting the twee-est person there. I think the winner was a boy with a side parting & thick glasses who daringly mixed cord with tweed.

Shame Yo La Tengo aren't playing a few more dates, would be nice to see them.

Powerful Pierre said...

Yo La Tengo are playing Brighton Concorde on 12 Sep - hooray!