Friday, July 20, 2007

more on the daily mail

So, having admitted to a one-off look at the Daily Mail website, below, I thought I might as well have a glance at it properly. When I worked in London I'd often pick up copies of the Mail on the tube, so I quickly got used to it's snide, vicious tone and unpallatable politics. I never see it these days, however - and that viciousness gives me a shock. On the front page of the site, in quick succession, are two feature stories. See if you can spot the common theme:

Wasting away: Madonna reveals her 'sinewy' arms: "The saying goes one can never be too rich or too thin - but these pictures of Madonna may disprove that theory"

Nice dimples, Posh ... shame they're on your sun-kissed legs: "With that pout permanently in place, there was no chance of dimples ever showing on Victoria Beckham's unsmiling face. Maybe that's why they've turned up somewhere else ".

I bet if I kept looking I could find, say, twenty stories on that site, in only a few minutes, which expressed that same misogynistic disgust towards successful women.

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