Wednesday, September 20, 2006

stay off the smack

"Most parents are cretins who support physical violence against minors, according to a survey.

The figure was higher among adults without their own families, 80% of whom are big fans of hitting children.

But, among parents, the proportion who support aggression against people completely unable to defend themselves, much less understand, fell to 67%, the poll for ITV showed.

The survey was conducted ahead of a new ITV1 documentary, I Smack And I'm A Fucking Idiot, which follows five families who smack to discipline their children."

More info here.

Next week: shock new survey reveals that Jonathan 100% agrees that punching adults in the face should they hit their own children is entirely acceptable. Can we legislate?


Natalia Ulla said...

My dad used to hit me with his slipper. Later he just had to show me the slipper....

Victoria Louise Regan said...

Smacking children is a very bad idea. If you want to modify your child's behaviour, you just need to reward the 'right' responses and ignore the 'wrong' ones. No need to resort to violence or threats. There's no excuse for that!

Meanwhile... said...

Is there a smiley for vigorous applause?