Thursday, September 21, 2006

lookalikes via nat

Unspeakably amused by Natalia's blog today, which contains face recognition charts of herself and Keiran - in other words they've uploaded photos of themselves to, which has scanned them and found celebrity faces which tally with their (rather fetching) features. Some of the faces found really aren't bad - the one immediately top right to Nat is a very good likeness, for example. Naturally, this makes me want to play the game myself, and I thought it'd be more fun if I abused my friends' trust and played around with their faces too. So, because I'm fair, here's me first...

Michael Douglas!!! What? Obviously the paleometer has notched up the Doherty comparison, too. Hmm. Let's have a go with Dan:
Sorry Dan. We've all been too polite to point out the Fred Durst similarity all these years. Now for Vic, who, annoyingly, does OK out of the deal.
Not quite sure how she ended up with the fella, though. Nor, while we're on the subject, am I sure why Dave has accrued the following, ahem, rather striking comparisons:
Condoleeza Rice! Jesus. All the other girls are a pretty good match, though.

Another lunch break used to its maximum potential there, I think.

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