Saturday, July 01, 2006

SM / Pavement rumours

Well, I don't believe a word of this, but I'm still upset about the decline of Sleater-Kinney, so I'm using it to cheer myself up. According to some gossip doing the rounds on the gossip thread at the Sonic Youth website:

"i just got out of the sonic youth show at bonnaroo (im in the press/media tent) so we have internet capabilities. Stephen Malkmus just did Expressway to yr skull with sy as the encore. also backstage, not to start rumors, but i heard malkmus talking to mark ibold and saying 'man we should get back together, we shud get back together and do some shows'"

I'm such a Pavement geek that I get a kick out of Malkmus just being on stage on with Mark Ibold again (Ibold is playing bass for SY since Jim O'Rourke left), so you can imagine how I feel about the prospect of a Pavement reunion. I'm sure it won't happen, but just think of it...

There's a new SM track up on Stereogum, incidentally. It's practically unlistenable. Yay!

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Ben said...

Damned rumours! You've got me salivating at the prospect now too!

Off-topic, but did you get my email about the Art Of Noise A-Z Of Music compilation CD last week? You're down to contribute a Pavement track - I've suggested 'Range Life' because it's one you wrote about specifically. It'd be really helpful if you could drop me an email / put a comment on SWSL asap just to let me know whether you'll be able to get the track into mp3 form easily, and then we'll take it from there.