Friday, July 07, 2006

guardian linking to sources

Perhaps the Guardian have been doing this for a while and I have missed it, but I just noticed that in today's article on the fact that 82% of polled Israelis apparently would endorse the assasination of Hamas leaders, the paper has started including links in the main body of the article. Generally speaking I think that this is an excellent idea and a valuable way of acknowledging sources and verifying statistics. They only do it twice, and in a rather understated way, but my prediction is that we'll see a lot more of this in months to come. Cool.


Stephen Newton said...

I think it is new. They are showing a real commitment to the new media thing. It makes the papaer a bit like a blog.

Laban said...

It's a really good idea. Both the Guardian's linking, and the asassination of Hamas leaders.

Well done Guardian - and what's wrong with 18% of Israelis ?