Sunday, June 11, 2006

currently listening to...

1. Br. Danielson - Daughters Will Tune You
2. Dizzee Rascal - G.H.E.T.T.O
3. Taz - Can't Contain Me
4. Count Bass D - Drug Abusage
5. Futureheads - Back To The Sea
6. Wiley - WD25
7. Graham Coxon - R U Lonely?
8. Primal Scream - Little Death
9. Young Knives - She's Attracted To
10. Black Grape - Shake Your Money


mimi buzzard said...

I like you song selection - especially the Futureheads new one which is growing on me more and more each day.

R U Lonely is my favourite Graham Coxon song. You have very good taste.

jonathan said...

I just copy the cool kids!

mimi buzzard said...

You are the cool kid!

Anonymous said...

Your taste is that of a 24 year old. Discuss.

I am a cool kid (although admittedly now 28) and I like what I like to call eschewed Folk. So, so should you.

The 'cool' Kid

Ben said...

What do you make of the Primal Scream album? 'Country Girl' has ensured I have no inclination whatsoever to hear it.

Bizarrely for a massive Futureheads fan, not only have I not yet bought the new album, but I haven't even heard the single. I seem to have stockpiled so much stuff that I just feel I ought to work my way through some of that first, before going out and picking up News And Tributes, Rather Ripped etc etc.

Ben said...

Oh, and good to see The Young Knives in there too. Not heard the new single, but the last one was a gem. Glad you enjoyed them live the other day - they really don't look like pop stars, do they?

mimi buzzard said...

Hey Jonathan you busy bee, we need you to write a new post on here!

jonathan said...

Ha ha, don't worry, there's a masterpiece in the works...

Actually that's a complete lie but if I say there is that puts me under a bit more pressure to actually do it! I could do another top ten of songs I'm listening to today? But that might get boring. And it would just read...

1. The Young Knives - Current of the River
2. The Young Knives - Current of the River
3. The Young Knives - Current of the River
4-10. etc

Anyway. Ben, you have to make haste and repair your reputation as a Futureheads fan - the album is blinding, I've been meaning to write about it for a while. Much subtler and less immediate than the first one but probably better. And the new Young Knives single is utterly ace, particularly the refrain: "You were screaming at your mum and I was punching your dad".

I like the Primal Scream record but I make no claims for its originality. But I like pretty much everything they do and there's a few great tracks.

Still not heard 'Rather Ripped', shamefully.

So many records, so much world cup, so little time...