Thursday, February 16, 2006

the percentage game

A good letter from today's mailbox:

"Something Doesn't Add Up
In the old days, managers used to demand 100% from their players, quite reasonably. At some point that became, somewhat unreasonably, 110%. Yes, it suddenly became demanded that players perform to a higher level than that of which they were physically capable.

Yesterday, Sam Allardyce described the handball by Frederic Dehu in Bolton's match with Marseille as "a 120% penalty", maybe alluding to a situation where a successfully-converted penalty would yield 1.2 goals?

Baffled by the seemingly rampant inflation in football, I walk into work this morning to hear my boss saying that he expects - and I kid you not - 1000% from me.

Can anyone else match this, or do I have the most irrationally demanding boss in the world?
PS: In spite of my being expected to perform to what is technically the maximum ability of myself and nine identical clones, I expect no more than the customary 2% annual pay rise this year."

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