Thursday, February 16, 2006

i like reading swearing in the guardian

This is a good article on the Guardian newsblog, speculating that Bill Rammel, like David Blunkett and Charles Clarke - both of whom held Education minister briefs before him - is a bit of a berk, following the tradition that it's right and proper "to pose as philistines, tough men of the people innit, who couldn't give a monkey's about yer poncy subjects like history and fine art?"

Donald MacLeod writes:

"today Bill Rammel, the higher education minister, was at it, praising students for abandoning art history and philosophy."

"An initial reading of figures suggests to me that there is some evidence that students are choosing subjects they think are more vocationally beneficial. If that's what they are doing I don't see that as necessarily being a bad thing," he said.

To which the fastidious philosopher will reply: "Bollocks".

There is absolutely no sign that students are abandoning pure humanities for vocationally oriented subjects. Yes, history applications fell by more than 7% but so did marketing and there are still nearly three times as many would-be historians as marketeers".

The main reason I'm linking to it, however, is because it's linked to on the Guardian frontpage with the article title: "Vocational study and other bollocks".

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