Wednesday, December 28, 2005


God, yeah I know, shit, sorry - no updating for ages; I'm really not a very disciplined writer at the moment; blame nanowrimo, it killed me. On the other hand I have spent the last few days acccumulating some nice digital photos so once I'm back in Brighton (er, tomorrow) and the blog springs miraculously back to life you might even get some nice colour images to look at and stuff.

Spent most of Christmas with family friends in Marlow doing the drinking and eating stuff and having a nice time; now I'm beginning to have dark thoughts about the resumption of work. Sorry to anyone who reads this and is back already - feel free to insult me in the comments box.

more to follow before the end of the world, I promise.


Bird said...

You have been in Marlow? I have been running between Maidenhead and Lane End via, err, Marlow for the last few days.

La la laaaaa

Anonymous said...

I used to live not so far from Marlow. To add to my Middle class credentials my parents have recently purchased a small boat which is moored near to there on the Thames. However my overiding memory of the place is passing through during what must have been the height of boyband Take That's fame and seeing that some delusional teen, clearly unable to hold back her admiration for one of its members no longer and had crossed out the 'M' on Marlow and sprayed 'B' over it to spell Barlow. I wonder if that will happen again now that they are reforming?


Dirk said...

just glad to see you're still ticking...don't start the new year guilty