Thursday, December 15, 2005

7 things to do while drunk at 1 in the morning

Excellent, I love getting asked to do memes: here we go:

Seven things to do before I die

1. Have my band release a 7" single
2. Have a novel published, sorry.
3. Stick by my friends.
4. Drink lots of wine
5. Become financially sound.
6. Magically reverse my rubbish health.
7. Make lots of new friends.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Summon up unalloyed enthusiasm about the future (it scares me).
2. Pretend that I am unduly pessimistic either.
3. Stop looking at girls in the summer.
3. Sit quietly while others talk.
4. Bear silence.
6. Concentrate.
7. Listen to people saying they like Oasis without getting really angry.

Seven things that attract me to my spouse:
1. Sadly,
2. I
3. can't
4. answer
5. this
6. question
7. :-(

Seven things I say most often
1. "Ok, when can you deliver your manuscript then?"
2. "Ah"
3. "A pint of San Miguel please"
4. "Pavement. Pavement Pavement Pavement."
5. "Look at that cat!"
6. "Come and watch my band play next week"
7. I dunno. "Morning"?

Seven books (or series) I love (at this precise moment)
1. Anything by Pamela Hansford Johnson
2. Anything by Tim Parks
3. The Alteration by Kingsley Amis
4. The Underground Man by Mick Jackson
5. Anything by Robert Irwin
6. Anything by PG Wodehouse
7. Anything by Michael Palin

Seven movies I watch over and over again
1. The Missouri Breaks
2. The Big Lebowski
3. Dodgeball
4. Look at Me
5. Rushmore
6. This Is Spinal Tap
7. Manhatten

Seven people I want to join in, too
1. Anyone with a blog who reads this, please.


crumbs said...

seven things you cannot do no.2.

i realise we shouldnt take these things with much seriousness, but why would you want to try to be a pessimist?

Sam said...

well why deny oneself the simple pleasure of complain how crap things are? (24 bottles of beer on the wall,24 bottles of beeeer,,you take 24 down, drink them all down, leaaving one cruumpled heeap of sam on th flooor)