Thursday, July 21, 2005

more bombs in london

Sounds like there are more bombings in London, but thankfully it seems we can insert the word 'attempted' before bombings in this instance; an attempted suicide bomber at Warren St, apparently, and someone who dumped a rucksack and fled at Oval. Minor detonations occurred without - so far - any injuries.

Apparently something has happened on a bus on the Hackney Road, too, and they've evacuated the tube station at Shepherd's Bush.

The Guardian news blog is the probably the best place to keep up with developments.

Update: 4.18pm - there's some more info here. Apparently police have cordoned off University College Hospital, nr Warren Street. That's the station where the bag-dumper escaped; are they speculating that he may have gone into the hospital? Or is it a seperate alert?

Update: 4.31pm - from the guardian newsblog: Sir Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police commissioner, says there are four scenes of explosions, or attempts at explosions. He says "casualty numbers are very low" and the devices are smaller than last time. The tube is closed down "for a short while", although mainline trains are running normally.

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