Friday, December 24, 2004

not george w

12 years since the last Kate Bush album and I don't think anyone particuarly imagined a comeback but - just a month or two before the F'heads release their splendid cover of 'Hounds of Love' - she's announced that "The album is nearly finished and will be out next year". Including contributions from the recently deceased composer Michael Kamen, Mick Karn (last seen playing bass with the wonderful Japan), drummer Stuart Elliott and jazz percussionist Peter Erskine. I think all concerned can hope her effort - 25 years after 'Wuthering Heights' - is considerably better than 'The Red Shoes', where her chosen guests were, er... Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton.

[postscript. Michael Kamen scored both 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' and, um, 'Lethal Weapon'. Oh.]

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Milk said...

As a Kate worshipper, it doesn't make me feel good to say that she's been saying [in public] that her new album is 'really... nearly ready' for the last two or three years at least... but I'm sure she'll get there in the end [same for Liz Cocteau]. Moments of Pleasure still makes me cry every time I hear it [in a good way I mean].

Mick Karn still comes up with some cool sounds despite all the uncool things he's done / worn / shaved off... Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton should do the decent thing and have themselves put down. Why doesn't she just get Nigel Tufnel in?

[Oh - and season's greetings to all!]