Saturday, December 11, 2004

new flaming lips record

I never could really see what everyone was going on about with that last Flaming Lips album, which I thought was pretty middling, and ordinarily I could think of nothing more offputting than the fact that their new record is a set of cover versions; generally the last reserve of the blocked artist or the self-important. That said, they've picked some interesting tracks to record - the following I have to admit sound intriguing:

* Bjork – ‘Unravel’
* Faust – ‘It’s a Bit Of A Pain’
* Aphex Twin – ‘Film’
* Brian Eno – ‘Another Green World’

So I await that one a little intrigued.

*Update: as so often is the case, it turns out that I am wrong. See the comments box below to find out how. Ho hum.


Powerful Pierre said...

It's a compilation not a covers album.

Much as I'd like to hear Flaming Lips do Nick Drake's River Man I fear we won't be.

jonathan said...

Ah yes. You're quite right. Ah well.

Maybe they'll google themselves, see my blog, and think that it's a good idea, though - and decide to cover all those songs anyway.