Sunday, April 18, 2004

Back at last

Ah, back in several senses of the word. Back home after three days away over Easter, back online at home after 6 weeks offline without any internet access, and (shortly) back at work. Well, tomorrow. Also, of course, back to my blog, which has been neglected and gathering dust over the Easter week as I've not had the chance to post to it. Well, here I am.

Just reading some of Bruce Dyer's (so far) excellent Yoga For People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It, and very taken by the following:

We'd never seen anything so green as those rice paddies. It was not just the paddies themselves: the surrounding vegetation - foliage so dense the trees lost track of whose leaves were whose - was a rainbow coalition of one colour:green. There was an infinity of greens, rendered all the greener by splashes of red hibiscus and the herons floating past, so white and big it seemed as if sheets hung out to dry had suddenly taken wing. All other colours - even purple and black - were shades of green. Greeness, here, was less a colour than a colonising impulse. Everything was either already green - like a snake, bright as a blade of grass, sidling across the footpath - or in the process of becoming so. Statues of the Buddha were mossy, furred with green. Stone had become plant, the inanimate had become organic. 'Annihilating all that's made / To a green thought in a green shade'? No, even thought had been annihilated. This was an entirely sensual green, one that rendered thought not just impossible but inconceivable.

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