Friday, March 12, 2004

The weekend has crash landed

Can't tell you anything about this beyond what's already there, but Andrew passed on this link to the website of a Mr. Matt Gunn, whose two MP3s are well worth a listen, if you like dark analogue electric stuff, like I do.

Elsewhere, should I buy the new David Byrne album?? Will have to try not to. Since we moved house my broadband has been disconnected, so, shocking though it may seem, all of a sudden I have to start thinking about buying music again. It's a funny old world. Been listening to lots of hip hop for the last few days, and really enjoying it. When I was about 19 I really chased after new releases and really kept up with US rap; now I doubt I could summon up the energy to get back into it. I'm certainly never putting myself through the pain of reading The Source again.

Jonathan's off-the-top-of-his-head hip hop top ten (not in order)
1. Big Punisher feat. Black Thought - Super Lyrical
2. Biggie Smalls - Party and Bullshit / JUICY
3. Capadonna - '97 Mentality
4. Boot Camp Klik - Heads are Readee pt. 1
5. EPMD - Who Killed Jane?
6. Mos Def and Talib Kwali - Twice Inna Lifetime
7. Slum Village - Raise it Up
8. Ice Cube - You Can't Fade Me
9. Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom
10. Masta Ace - Who Ya Jackin'?

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