Friday, March 26, 2004

I hope your ears don't bleed

Apart from the enduring freak show car-crash appeal of the ever entertaining Genesis P. Orridge, you never heard much of Throbbing Gristle over the last ten years or so. But they seem to have undergone a bit of a critical rehibitation recently. The Re-TG festival, at Camber Sands, is on shortly, and the Guardian has a feature on the band today, who are reforming for the event. Here it is:

TG feature / 26 March

It reminds me that Alexis Petridis did a much more interesting feature on TG a while back. I may have linked out to it at the time, but here it is again anyway.

Throbbing Gristle were pioneers of industrial thrash. What sane person would listen to their 24-hour box set in one sitting? Step forward Alexis Petridis

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