Monday, March 02, 2015

On spring

I had a funny weekend, the kind where all sorts of things come apart and come together - mainly because I saw a bunch of people I've not seen for a long time, or had the sort of conversations I've not had in a long time, and remembered along the way the importance of honesty and candour and kindness, and how vital people are.

On Friday I went to a club in Brighton called Casablancas, which is one of the places I went in my teens and early twenties, and was oddly pleased by the absence of nostalgic feelings. I was bought apple-flavoured shots and syrupy liquors, and watched fascinated as people flung themselves around while dancing, colliding into each other. I was happy to see it and happy to leave.

On Saturday I sat on my sofa - at various times throughout the day - with a few of my favourite people, and wore blankets and talked and felt some real washes of peacefulness, which weren't constant, and which were sometimes notable for being the opposite of other feelings, but was grateful for them.

On Sunday me, Laura and Jackie walked through town feeling untethered and bumped into Eva, who we have not seen in such a long time, and who was delightful as always. I walked home in the rain just scooped out with tiredness but oddly energetic.

It was a weekend but it felt like the start of a new week.

Co-incidentally, it's now Spring.

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