Wednesday, September 09, 2009

stussy vs dr martens

When I was a teenager, having the right shoes was very important. At 16, I had four pairs, and couldn't ever imagine needing anything else.

Chelsea boot. Dr Martens 8 eye (cherry red). Desert boot. Adidas Gazelle (dark blue).

Looking back, I've made some pretty horrific fashion choices over the years, but I think I was pretty much on the ball back in '93.

If I'd have seen these back then, I would have died. Stussy have teamed up with Dr Martens to design a new mid-cut boot which seems to take the best of the DM boot, combine it with the sleek beauty of a desert boot, and leaven the mix with the lightness of touch of the best trainer. Weirdly, I think the 16 year old me would have been happier spending £168 on a pair of shoes than I am now - but I know that he'd be scrabbling around for loose change if he was here now.


Porl said...

They do some more conventional desert boots too which are a bit more affordable - £75 I think.


Jonathan said...

They're nice too. Perhaps not quite as nice, though. Thanks for the link!