Tuesday, July 07, 2009

same old tories

The Tory Party is no longer homophobic! Did you hear that, too? What lovely news. I went over to the Telegraph site this morning, expecting to see a host of comments expressing delight that Cameron had thrown his weight behind sexual equality.

But this is what I found.

Imagine, one day in the future, that insipient 'gayism' could be diagnosed in a foetus and that a 'corrective' therapy were available. How many parents would refuse this on behalf of their children? We do not promote spinabifida, Down's syndrome etc. so why promote homosexuality? We can and should, sympathise with those that suffer these afflictions - however homosexuatily should only be considered as 'normal' in the same sense as catching a cold, or contracting a cancer, is (sadly) normal

After 11 years of having XXXXX, rights/cause/equality/fairness/marriage/adoption etc. (insert religion, race or sexuality as approp.) rammed down my throat, I accept that if this is what it takes to dispatch Gordon Brown and his henchmen to oblivion then so be it. BUT if I dont see a general return to christian values and morality I'm off.

Perhaps on behalf of the homosexual community David Cameron would like to apologize for the millions who have died from and are infected with HIV Aids. Even when the connection between buggery and the spread of this latter plague was known the selfish and irresponsible members of the gay community continued to engage in unprotected sex thus causing it's spread not only in their community but into the heterosexual one as well..

As a smoker and therefore in the minority when will my rights be upheld. So it's a good thing to applaud men for rummaging about in each others garbage and catching god knows what diseases but if you're a smoker minding your own business then oh dear you’re labelled as a mass murderer by the tobaccophobics and politicians.

I wonder when the gay movement will get around to apologising for it's decades long flirtation with paedophile "rights" groups? Something the gay left conveniently forgets to include in it's history of their campaign to impose their own toxic cultural norms on the rest of us. If politicians spent a bit less time looking for applause in trendy London gay bars and more listening to ordinary people, they might not be held in such contempt.

Well Bullindon boys...you have just lost my next vote.

I have a lot of time for Mark Harper, our local MP. Howevever, his party leader's comments on this issue have just lost him my vote at the next election.

I very much doubt that there was any cheering in heaven when Cameron decided to turn his back on the Commandments of God and the Holy Bible.

"Homosexuality is simply another form of loving" says one commentator. What rubbish. Any fool can see that it is a deviance, a perversion of the original design. It's obvious that the human body isn't designed to function this way.
I shall never vote tory again as long as I live.

If Cameron thinks that people like me are Tory voting fodder then he can damn well rely on his new Gay Pride pals to get elected. I, for one, will no longer vote for any party that does not share my values or that would use my vote to advance a very different agenda.

Any lingering doubts that the boy Cameron is fit to lead the Conservative Party have surely been shattered by his pathetic apology for apposing the teaching and promotion of homosexuality in our schools. This man will do anything to gain minority votes but he lacks the political brain to take into account the millions of votes he will lose from middle England. He just does not have a clue. He thinks he is ahead in the polls because of his popularity whereas the obvious truth is that people would prefer Roland the Rat to Gordon Brown.
He is not and never has been a Conservative, he is totally incapable of offering a shrewd and effective opposition and the sooner he is replaced by David Davis the better. Then watch the popularity of the Conservative Party soar to new heights.

If Cameron opposes section 28 that means that he supports the promotion of homosexuality to children in schools and that means that I cannot support him

I am not going to vote for a party that allows homosexuality to be promoted in schools, and where the leader joins Gay Pride. And I am Happy to be Homophobic

The non-Conservatives just lost my vote. There's no way I'm having my future kids indoctrinated by schools teaching that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality. Sure, people can choose to practice homosexuality if they wish, but keep it out of the classroom.

If some of the radical educationalists had their way they would make kids watch porn films and before long, they will, you see.

Who would have thought it?


Urban Cynic said...

Jesus Christ! That's shocking; I think cos we live in Brighton where people are tolerant to most things, we think that the rest of the country holds our values as well - thank God I live here is all I can say.. & that hopefully I don't know any of these people.

Jonathan said...

Yep, it's very easy to forget that a large swathe of the population (and a huge majority of the Tory party) retain the ignorant, sour prejudices of old. Thank god, as you say, that there are places like Brighton which are (broadly) welcoming and tolerant.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps scientists should be working out how to diagnose homophobia in the womb...

Ben said...

Makes you proud to be British, doesn't it?