Wednesday, May 13, 2009

for fellow great-escapers

Brighton's finest music festival, The Great Escape, begins tomorrow - hurray!

I've been meaning to provide a list of artists and shows I recommend, but it's looking increasingly like I won't have enough time - so all I can do is let you know what I think I'm doing tomorrow, and invite you to amble over and say hello if you find yourself in the same place.

Great escape, Thursday:
12.30 - William Fitzsimmons, The Arc
2.30 - Moi Non Plus, The Arc
3.15 - King of Conspiracy, The Hope


6.45 - Apple, Revenge
7.15 - Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Po Na Na
8.15 - Emmy The Great, Digital
9.15 - EVAN DANDO!, Digital
11.45 - Birdengine, The Basement
12.30 - Blue Roses, The Basement

If you want to know what I'm up to during the day - because I'll inevitably stray off-course at some point, you can check my twitter at

And if you don't like any of the bands above, can I suggest you consider these alternatives:

Mika Miko and Danananaykroyd at Audio
Twilight Sad and Brakes at JAM
Hjaltalin at the Komedia
Cursive at the Ocean Rooms
The Week That Was and The Acorn at the Pavilion Theatre
Marnie Stern, Vivian Girls and Micachu at Po Na Na
Blue Roses at Red Roaster (9.45 show)
GaBle and Soap&Skin at the Unitarian Church
Teitur at Duke of Yorks.

I wish I could see everything.


Kat-e said...

Oh, our paths are definitely going to cross, I think - looking to see a few of those, although my list is a lot noisier than yours; will keep an eye out for you. Skinny and crumpled, right?

Jonathan said...

Ha ha - yep, that's not a bad description. Hopefully not that crumpled on day one...

Clairey said...

May 17, 2009 at 7:23 pm · Edit
Hello, very late reply to a very old message. Only concise on mondays, wednesdays and fridays? ah, unfortunate. I am in the tuesdays and thursday category. Not sure where weekends fall on this scale. a calling of “being tired, or drinking too much, or talking a lot” seems quite sensible. that’s my ambition, no news on my calling front yet. studying media at sussex, big hoot.

how was tge? I was away unfortunately. pout.

greetings from Brighton
claire x