Wednesday, January 21, 2009

owl parliament

I've got tickets to a stupid number of gigs coming up over the next few months, but this one deserves a particular mention, not just for the lovely name and gorgeous graphics on its website, but for the awesome line-up. A one day, all-ages festival at the Union Chapel in Islington, Owl Parliament will feature sets from Laura Marling, Peggy Sue, Jeffrey Lewis, Herman Dune and Johnny Flynn, as well as Mechanical Bride, Planet Earth, We Aeronauts and Stars of Sunday League. That's a pretty amazing bill, don't you think.


Siobhan said...

OWL PARLIAMENT!!! BEST. NAME. EVER.! Lovely illustration as well.

Melanie said...

I would pay top dollar for a ticket to this show! I made plans and travel arrangements to go to London from the states, particularly to see Johnny Flynn, and by the time I went to buy my tickets - SOLD OUT! :( Sad, sad day - if anyone has just one ticket, please get in contact with me! I'm desperate.

Vic said...

I prefer a beak to a bill overall. You get more torque with a beak, which is no insignificant consideration when you're a bird ('other birds talk to you...when you're a bird').