Tuesday, February 05, 2008

life in cold blood

Richard Attenborough's 'Life In Cold Blood' started on BBC1 last night; exquisitely filmed and presented with extraordinary deftness, it was typically lovely.

Happily, it was Nancy Banks Smith's turn to do the TV write up in the paper today; her writing was typically lovely too.

"The most touching moment was at the very end when, after half a century in the job, Attenborough saw his first pygmy leaf chameleon. As the young presenter of Zoo Quest, shinning up trees like a schoolboy bird-nesting, he had filmed Madagascan chameleons before - entertainingly in black and white - but the pygmy leaf had always eluded him. Being elusive is the chameleon's speciality. It has medals for elusiveness (which it never wears as they make it feel conspicuous)."
All is well in the world.

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Skuds said...

Indeed. Her comment about Attenborough's career forming a perfect curve across the best years of TV was also spot-on.