Tuesday, August 08, 2006

chelsea on the rocks

Ever since Vladimir Putin turned on his old friend Boris Berezovsky and forced him into exile after a criminal investigation into fraud charges, Berezovsky's protogee, Roman Abramovich, has done everything possible to stay in Putin's good books. He's managed so far, but I wonder if the tide is turning? I only speculate because I just received the following spam message:

Taboada 17
50002 Zaragoza
Zaragoza ESPANA
E-mail. johnterry20@excite.com

I humbly apply on behalf of my client. As a matter of fact he is
actually looking for a reliable
and trust worthy company to invest and legalize his fund.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Best regards,
John Terry

Are Chelsea's players doing their pre-season training in North-Eastern Spain this summer, by any chance??

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Anonymous said...

ha ha nice one