Wednesday, April 12, 2006

damon watch

Bored, I spent ten minutes last night trying to work out what's up next for Damon Albarn, seeing as he's coming to the end of his Gorillaz stint. The New York Shows didn't go down so well as the UK ones, I gather, but I think that has more to do with stuttering technology and the lack of Jamie Hewlett's visuals than it does the quality of the music. I've been watching the DVD of the Manchester show recently (of which, more to follow, all being well), and it's clearly a show of bewildering and stunning proportions. Anyway, unless Damon takes the show to Vegas, I've narrowed down his activities to:

(i) He's been back in the studio with the Blur boys recently and apparently the new record, rumoured to be very noisy and punk, should see the light of day this year.
(ii) He's written a Chinese opera, and I think this might again feature Hewlett's art, although I gather it's not going to be a Gorillaz project
(iii) There is, however, a Gorillaz computer game in the pipeline
(iv) and, apparently, one day, a film.
(v) Damon is still working on his Nigeria album, which I've seen described in various ways - it's gonna come out under his own name, it's not gonna come out under his own name, it's being produced by DangerMouse, it's being recorded with local musicians... Not sure what to make of this one. Looking forward to it though...

Damonwatch will be back next month.

Alright, it won't.


Anonymous said...

Big interview with Damon in today's Independent. Vic

jonathan said...

Bah - and I went to all the trouble of implying that I had carried out exhaustive and painstaking research! That's an interesting article, although it pains me to see him being neutral towards lovely Blur. And, god, a musical about Ladbroke Grove, too. I'll have to add that to the list...

Thanks for pointing it out!