Wednesday, February 09, 2005


There are a couple of short contributions by me over on Andrew's Hove Labour blog, if anyone fancies taking a look. The site is a group blog aiming to increase local participation and secure votes for his Labour Party candidate, Celia Barlow, who is up against Nicholas Boles in the marginal fight for Hove and Portslade in the next election - one that even despairing ex-Labour voters like myself would like to see Celia win, Boles being - I am reliably informed - the next Portillo, whatever that implies.

The left-right divide and the fading of emnities
"I listened back to a Bill Hicks tape a while ago and heard him characterising Bush Senior thus, his finger hovering over the red button; 'Tell me When, Lord. Let me be your servant Lord'. Listening now it's hard not to think, Bill, you thought that was bad..."

Bertie Wooster and the Art of canvasssing
"When I was a sallow and very serious youth I did a little bit of flyer-pushing in Barnet, where I grew up. Nothing serious, no knocking on doors. I just pushed a bunch of leaflets through a bunch of doors, and all to no avail."

There's a good post reporting on a pretty mad idea for a commercial development just offshore in Brighton, too, which is well worth a read, if just for Andrew's picture caption...

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