Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dinosaurs, Assistant and stuffed bears...

Chris is off to Australia in a week!!! He came to spend the weekend with us and we had a nice time; lots of drinks and dinosaurs (of the model variety) and a chance to say bye. He'll be there a year, but he talked about staying; it's strange - both exciting and intimidating. We looked through some online photo albums put together by Vic's friend Vicky, which made Oz look wonderful. Here, meanwhile, we woke to a little snow this morning - that was nice. It's gone now, but the weather promises future freezing. Don't trust Andrew's weather report, though.

Our rehearsal was more of a recording session on Sunday - no Andy or Pete so we concentrated on recording drum tracks for Engines and Anvils, Vine to Vine and It's Alright. I've been toying with shortening the latter track, but Ali attempted to dissuade me, and as he was holding a pair of drumsticks at the time, I relented. But the last version we recorded of that was a little sickly, timing-wise, so this one should be lots better. And when you stand in a room hearing nothing but drums you realise how much is going on there. I like bands who use drum machines, but I'm not sure if it isn't limiting. Talking of bands who use drum machines (and who are fab), we bumped into Sadie from La Momo at Monster afterwards - they just played at the Garage in London. Envious.

Saw James and Becky at the weekend - Becky has got a short term job in the audio library at the BBC! James is still at Drusillas, and can be seen looking flame haired and responsible here. He's thinking of buying a stuffed bear from the Friday-Ad. Well, why not?

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