Tuesday, December 03, 2002

One week to go now; last nights rehearsal was great - bashing out the set and picking holes in our selection; deciding to finish with a combination of Andy's newest song (a lilting, tom-rich drumbeat and a cheeky bassline) and our smoking song (which basically consists of forty seconds of discordance and shouting) and thinking that sounds great, thanks. The latter song is there because it's too much fun not to play; we fleshed it out a bit, me and Anne-Sophie taking it in turns to belt out the words, but the whole thing still comes in under a minute; better to end the set with a yelp than a whimper.

So that's just one more rehearsal to go until the gig. I can't tell how nervous I am / will be yet. What is nerves and what is excitement? But I am in that dazed and perpetual state of near-nausea and reckless bravado, imagining how it will be, a schoolboy hurtling towards something like his first kiss. Good stuff.

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